Must be tough to make gusesses about the future for a living.

Today all eyes are focused on the weather forecast. To our South there's already significant snowfall and we are expecting the same in Maine. The real questions are how much? When will it start? When will it end? And most importantly will there be school tomorrow? These are the times when I'm not jealous of the weather forecasters, no matter what they're going to be wrong about some aspect or even the entire forecast. They try their best with the latest and greatest technology. Graphs with charts, weather maps, all of the models and still it's only a guess. Perhaps a good one but still a best guess. Not unlike my grandfather tapping the barometer, looking at the wind and thermometer saying I think it might rain. Everyone is delighted when they get it right and ready to point out when they are wrong.  

I find myself at times complaining about how the forecast is wrong. Sometimes wrong in a way it makes my life more difficult or even dangerous. Still though I understand that Mother Nature does not see the script. Does not know what you think or for that matter care. At times the wind blows out of the North when it's predicted to blow out of the South; blows a Gale when it's supposed to be nearly calm. The forecasters while doing their best are going to be wrong.

They all have my sympathy especially today.


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