Mid Summer Update

Nice Saint George River StriperHere we are in the middle of our summer season here in Maine. The weather has been as you would expect warm inland (even hot at times) and much cooler on the saltwater. That point was made yesterday with a family from North Carolina on a Scenic Boat trip. As we got down to the Marshall Point lighthouse, I noticed that everyone was bundled in their sweatshirts; hoods up and tied snugly. We saw the lighthouse, took a few photos and quickly headed back upriver to where temperatures were much warmer, better suited to folks from further south.

The next few days forecasts are calling for afternoon thundershowers. So far this summer most have missed us with only a Father’s Day storm shortening a fishing trip. I imagine that pattern will not hold but so far so good.

 I really like the variety of trips this summer with fishing on fresh and saltwater, beginner trips mixed with some who have fished for years. Between that and the ever-present willingness of fish to make me look foolish I am always on my toes.

One other thing that is a delightful part of my guiding career is seeing families grow up. I see them usually once a year, so the growth is obvious. This morning’s trip proved how much a couple of young boys have matured over the last year with only a few line tangles and casts landing where I needed them to; well mostly.

All in all I am reminded every day how much I love what I do and spending time with you all! Pretty lucky I would say after 38 years.

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