Marshall Point Light on a Winter Afternoon

Marshall Point Light in Port Clyde MEWe are fortunate to live in an area that many come to see on their vacations. Meaning that we enjoy a beautiful part of the world every day. Being familiar like that though frequently means that we take if for granted and don’t pay attention like we should. One of the benefits of this year of limited travel for us has been visiting some of the local sights.

Saturday afternoon we took a drive down to Marshall Point light in Port Clyde. Not really all that far away and in fact a place I frequently show folks on one of my scenic boat tours. Still it is far down the peninsula and unless we set out to go there not a place we otherwise visit. The real claim to fame for Marshall Point Light is that it is one of the locations in the movie Forrest Gump. Forrest is seen running up the ramp to the light.

Saturday was a cold winter day here in Maine with clouds coming in ahead of a storm far to our south (we got a few flurries on Sunday). A day better suited to the trip down river in the warmth of the car and not in the open Lund. By luck we found ourselves there at right around sunset. As you can see the scene was spectacular and we counted ourselves lucky to live close enough to be there at sunset and home for supper in less than an hour.  

I don’t know what might be a similar special place near where you live but I encourage you to find and enjoy those places. When you have a chance come to Maine and visit our special places perhaps even with me by boat..


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