A look back to plan ahead

Over the past year I have been taking stock of where Maine Outdoors is and what the near future might hold. First the big item (many of you ask about this); I intend to guide for at least the next five years and hopefully longer. My Registered Maine Guides license will renew next year for five years. My Coast Guard license renewed last winter for five more years. Although my medical certificate for that needs to be reviewed every two and a half. At least for a while the regulators think I should keep working.

Some trip offerings will be eliminated but I already introduced a new offering and hope to have at least one other this spring. While thinking about the future I came across the mission statement we came up with many years ago. I’m not certain but I think that this was updated twenty years ago. The amazing part is that after all of that time I think that it still fits and describes what I strive for on every trip.

That still leaves the why unanswered. I am eligible to retire at any moment now. The privilege of being able to see this place through new and appreciative eyes on a regular basis is that reason. Not to mention I spent time with some very young kids this summer and am looking forward to seeing them at least once a year for the foreseeable future. Simple enough I love what I do why would I stop?

I think that clients confirm my thinking in the reviews that they write after their trips. Interesting to also know that about forty percent of trips are with clients who I already know. Some book every year and others will come back after some time. Even as long as ten years ago.

Looking forward to spending time outdoors with all of you for the foreseeable future.


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