In like a lion

This morning you can hear March roaring through the trees. Wind in the west at a steady 30 mph and gusts to 50. Temperature 7 degrees Fahrenheit mid-morning up from an early morning low of 3. On the upside the sky is perfectly clear after the wind blew out the early morning clouds and flurries.

I had to send the dogs out for a little exercise, food and water. At the moment they are barking at the local flock of turkeys as they work their way through the woodlot behind the kennel. Soon enough they will be laying in the sun in the doors to their kennels. Trying to grab every bit of the heat the sun can offer this morning.  It was warm and wet yesterday which means that the snow has been converted to a solid block of ice everywhere.

To be sure not much of a day to be outside (at least for the moment). I am questioning my judgement in taking a reservation for the first fly fishing trip of the season for two weeks from today. Not to worry though the weather in Maine can and does change on a dime. Besides if March comes in like lion it goes out like a lamb, right?


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