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Over the years I have been fortunate to have a few interns. Supposedly they were here to learn but usually I learned a great deal from them. First was Chris Taylor, then Brynna and now Eben. Unlike the first two Eben thinks that he would like ot be a guide.

Here is Eben's introduciton.

My name is Eben Weislogel and I am a recent graduate of Camden Hills regional high school. I started to fish before I could walk and since then I haven’t looked back. I picked up fly tying at seven years old, and from there was fortunate enough to learn the art of fly fishing.

As an aspiring fly fisherman growing up in a family of non-fishers, learning and accelerating my knowledge of fishing was always tough. Luckily, I have been surrounded by an extremely supportive group of knowledgeable mentors, who have helped me find the right way throughout my struggles and successes. These mentors have helped me gain skills to successfully guide others. To read rivers, understand where the fish are, and to successfully put these puzzle pieces together are just some of the satisfactions I hope to bring my clients as a guide in the future.

In high school, I was very lucky to discover the Outdoor Leadership class at the Midcoast school of technology. There, under the guidance of Mr. Seth Walton, I learned how to utilize my outdoor knowledge in a professional guided setting, as well as many other technical skills. I plan to take a gap year, get my recreational and freshwater fishing guides licenses, and then attend the University of Montana, Missoula, in the fall of 2025. Currently, I am interning for Don Kleiner of Maine Outdoors, learning from him and taking in all the information I possibly can from such an experienced individual.


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