At Last

I picked up the new Lund Alaskan last week and then spent the next few days installing and customizing to fit my specific needs. Different cleats, fire extinguisher just there knife and pliers handy. I am still not finished mostly because I am awaiting delivery of a few more items. Th new one is very familiar wile at the same time different. Sometimes an item needs to find a new storage space but for the most part it is just new and ready for the next five years as the platform for hundreds of trips and thousands of hours of fun.

Saturday afternoon Argy and I got a few minutes free for a brief sea trial. As you can see it looks sharp and is very much ready to go! I’ll give it a try on my first trip of the season tomorrow.

For those who have asked over the last few years. Yes this new trolling motor has a GPS built in, for the moment it is smarter than I am. Looks like it will be useful as soon as I can figure out the remote. So far I am a typical old person with a remote joke. Here is hoping that we get to working together before long.

No stopping now; spring and summer are clearly on the way!


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