It’s the details

It’s the little things that keep life interesting that is for sure and fill in lots of holes in my calendar. Today I had to drive to Augusta to be fingerprinted for a background check to renew my Maine Guides license. A program initiated to guarantee that every Maine Guide is a good person to spend time with. Earlier this week I had to renew my Transportation Workers Identity Card (TWIC) a program initiated in the early 2000’s (after 9/11) to ensure that anyone with access to transportation facilities professionally were who we said we were. In my case that is ports. The TWIC is required as part of my Merchant Mariner License that allows me to take passengers for hire in the salt water.

Another part of that license requires that I be part of a drug testing program. I was selected to be tested earlier this summer (passed of course). Finally, I renewed my drivers license back in the beginning of the summer. A commercial drivers license that required a visit to the doctor’s office for her to sign off that I was as healthy as an old guy could be. My medical certificate for my merchant mariner license is due to be renewed next winter so at least one more look over by a physician coming soon.

None of these take more than an hour or two but collectively they add up and now I know what to tell folks who ask so what do you do in the off season?


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