I realize I am old school

Yesterday Argy and I waked into Fort Point where I frequently serve lunch on a full day striper fishing trip. It is a great little state park with always available picnic tables and a great view of the river we have just been fishing on. For most of my career it was landlocked but in 2006 the local conservation commission secured a trail into the point from the road. Click here for the brochure with some of the history.

At any rate we have been walking in different places to keep our daily walks (about 3 miles) interesting. Of course when you are in a new area you are well advised to have a method of navigation on hand. I have a map app on my phone that is useful and many times I carry the same Garmin InReach device that I have on all of my trips for safety. But I always feel unprepared if I do not have a compass along. All of the electronic devices are great and make finding your way incredibly easy. Even the Cast Guard has accepted the GPS unit on the dash of the boat in place of a compass and chart. I still feel unprepared without a compass in my pocket (or on the dash of the boat) and at least a brief look at a map for an understanding of the geography. Oh and a few matches.

 I suppose that this is very old school but like picking up good pieces of birch bark I find on the ground as a way to start a fire if needed it is a habit I just can’t shake.


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