I need your help with my winter project

We are in the middle of January and since it is Maine, we have enjoyed some brisk temperatures (-5 last night) and a little snow (actually snowing lightly here now).  Not a record winter by any measure but this is Maine, if you don’t like the weather wait a minute. Who knows what the next couple of months will bring? 

I spend lots of time bringing firewood in from the pile in the garage and feeding it into the stoves. The dogs spend their time in the warm office with me and will report that their days would be much more interesting outside. This winter I am working on the processes that Maine Outdoors uses every day to deliver great guided trips to my clients. Giving a strong eye to making things easier on your end and mine. This is partly driven by the realization that I am getting older and want to make my guiding day easier and reduce some of my back-end work while keeping the quality of the experience that you and I have come to expect.

It seems simple when you just say it but breaking down the steps makes me realize that over the last thirty-five years, I built some effective systems and some not so effective. But times change and I need to change with them. For example, most of my arrangements are handled through e-mail would texting be better for you? Can I get a little more information when you make a reservation online that will take away the need for the registration forms I use currently on trips? Should the handouts I have with recommendations for things to do, where to eat etc. be online or e-mailed or even texted to save the paper and make referring back to them easier on your end?

Since most of you who read this will have already been on at least one trip with me I am asking what could I do that would make signing up for and arranging your experience easier? Simpler? More fun?

Please e-mail me any suggestions that you have!


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