Hopeful signs

This week will be our warmest since last fall. The warmer weather alone is a good sign. Not to mention the sap is running and the Maple Syrup producers are in full swing. Very few use the classic buckets that we all think of any more but the end product is still the same sweet stuff. Just right for a morning stack of pancakes or waffles.

Last week our Governor announced a gradual relaxation of the COVID 19 restrictions we were under. Not “back to normal” but a big step in the right direction. The national Center for Disease Control announced the new protocols for folks who have been vaccinated. After a year of focusing on keeping my clients and myself healthy and safe this new reality is a relief. Many of you are feeling the same way. Reservations are coming in and I expect that things will really begin to pick up as spring comes into full bloom where you all live. I have a good number of very early reservations in fact one that I will have to cancel because of the ice that we still have and below freezing temperatures in the forecast.

The new Lund will arrive here on March 23rd and I have a week or so set aside to install all of my specific details. Most of those are already in the garage waiting for the boat. I know from experience that the Maine spring is far from here; it can still snow here for at least another month but still there are hopeful signs.


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