First Fish

Smallmouth Bass for a startAs the season slows, I have some time to reflect on all that happened since late April and how much I enjoyed almost every minute. To me the best part is having someone who has never been fishing before choosing a Maine Outdoors fishing trip for their first experience. Yes, some of it is parents choosing for their children (yes, I am more than a little proud of being family friendly) but more gratifying is are the adults who think that they would like to try fishing. Choosing Maine Outdoors for that first experience; that most times results in them catching their first fish ever.

Imagine learning to safely handle a fishing rod, learning to cast and then experiencing that first tug on the line! What a great way to spend a little time on the water no matter the season. Especially since as I remind folks often fish do not live in ugly places.

What an honor it is. I wish that I had kept track of those first fish over the years the number would be impressive, I am sure.


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