End of my season

The dogs and I arrived home from Libby Camps last weekend and I spent the week getting caught up. The dogs are resting and complaining that they are not getting out enough. Things always wind down pretty quickly once November is here and this year is no different.

Added to the weeks activities was replacing our woodstove. The stove had burned out two of the baffles and of course November is not a good time to discover that. Parts are not available at this time and when we went to look for a replacement; did not see anything that caught our eyes. So on the way home Argy searched online for the stove we had. Hard to imagine but she found the same model of stove we had in this house twenty years ago; less than an hour away. After a quick trip to the coast and a day of cutting and fitting stovepipe we are back heating with wood. Only one day without reminded me of why we prefer heating with wood. Neither of us felt warm in spite of what the thermometer in the kitchen said. We should be all set while we search for a new stove with plenty of wood and a decent if not the atest and greatest stove.

Next on my list is ordering replacement gear for next season, it always surprises me how quickly things that my clients use wear out. Spinning reels and rods are first on the list. After Thanksgiving the boat goes in for its annual overhaul and winterization before being covered and put away for the season. I will also be renewing my first aid and CPR certification in the next week.

Not guiding trips at the moment but still plenty to do to get ready for your next trip!


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