Eagle in the backyard this morning!

Bald Eagle in the backyard this morningOur home and office are in an area where ravens have nested since we moved here 23 years ago. Not crows but ravens. They are larger and much more talkative with quite a vocabulary. In the spring we hear them talking between themselves with various croaks and calls. We had dinner on the deck last Sunday and saw them chasing two separate eagles within about an hour. Each time with a great deal of raven chatter.

This morning I was at my desk and heard more than the usual morning raven commotion, soon followed by very excited barking from my dogs. I looked out the window and could see the dogs looking almost straight up. I stepped outside to see what was so exciting and there over the dog kennel was an eagle in the oak tree. A fish in its talons and ravens excitedly positioning themselves to harass the intruder. Quite a sight!

I was able to get my phone and take a few pictures before the eagle flew off to another tree. With the raven harrassers following closely. I watched as the eagle dropped the fish and flew off, not the end of the story that the eagle had in mind. I let the now quiet dogs out for their morning run and walked back to where I saw the fish land but the ravens had already picked up an unexpected bonus to their morning.

While guiding on the river earlier this week my client and I had an osprey go very low over our heads with a trout in it’s grasp. Pretty remarkable but nothing compared to an eagle in the back yard!

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