Compass on Board

I wrote last winter about being old school and wanting a compass in my pocket in the woods. That was confirmed for me lately as I began using the new Lund. The compass I had ordered had not shown up until last weekend. The sense of relief I felt after placing the compass on the console was simply unexpected. As I mentioned in the last post I have all of the latest technology right down to my mobile phone.

None of those gives me the same confidence that I get from looking down and seeing the compass heading right in front of me. This is surprising because in the early spring I am exclusively on freshwater where navigation is usually not a big issue even on the foggiest of days. Still the comfort of knowing the correct compass heading and seeing that I am on it is one that is important to me and the safety of my clients while on the water.

As you can see a compass is central to my view while operating the boat.


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