Cold Rain This Afternoon

Cold rain here this afternoon, current temperature is 36 degrees. After a warm week last week this is a shock. In fact the temperature fell 44 degrees in 24 hours over the weekend. We are forecast for a bit of a warmup later this week. However, like the news of the last week about the mass shooting in Lewiston it came as a sudden reality check. Yes, fall and eventually winter are coming, and Maine is not all that different from other states.

One of the things that I do every other year is take a first aid / CPR class to keep my training current. Both as a commitment to my clients and a requirement of my Coast Guard license. Last Tuesday was the first of 3 classes required for that certificate. It was sobering to have the instructor go over the protocol for a mass shooting event and what to expect if you were at one of those scenes as a trained first aid person. I came home and commented to Argy that I had been drawn up short by that conversation; it was sobering.

Then on Wednesday evening not 24 hours later Maine experienced just such an event. I was not there or even close but because Maine is really just a small town, I expected that we would know someone involved. Turns out we do. This spouse of one of Argy’s former students survived the event and was on the evening news telling his story.

All is well here (thank you for asking) and my season is down to the last half dozen trips in the calendar. I have already had a request for a holiday gift certificate for a trip next spring. Before long it will be warm and sunny and I’ll be teaching someone to cast a fly and I am looking forward to it. We all need to hang on until then.


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