Backyard goings on

With snow on the ground under the last full moon we could clearly see what was going on out back. To our surprise we had deer feeding on acorns on the lawn for the fist time in the over 20 years we have lived here. Our part of the world is not like other places where deer are more common than chipmunks they are rather an animal that we know is around by their tracks across the road or a brief siting on the side of the road.

We have a doe and her two yearling offspring very close to the house some nights and it was great fun to get up early to see them feeding very close to the house. As the moon entered its dark phase our weather went warm and wet melting most of the snow it became almost impossible to see if we had nighttime visitors. A friend offered her trail camera and I set it up on a tree facing the house the next day.

The results have included many images of Nicholas and I moving furniture out of the basement one afternoon and multiple shots of the dogs running past in both the light and dark. The prize ones though are of the deer feeding on the acorns and watching us through the windows of the house. Fun stuff.

One of our local newspapers has been printing trail camera pictures this winter these are not that interesting but sill fun. The camera will be returned this week but it has been a pleasant winter diversion to see what goes on in our backyard under the cover of darkness.


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