April Fishing Update

This has been a very different April both in terms of weather and how many folks are looking for a guided trip. The weather continues to be dry overall with a little snow in the mix to remind us that winter is not completely over. The sunny days have been warm and pleasant. Water temperatures continue to be in the low 50’s but that does not seem to be slowing down the fishing. Trips this month have produced some very nice bass, a few northern pike, some of the biggest crappies I have seen, brook trout, rainbow trout and ever willing pickerel. I certainly cannot complain about the diversity. Presentations need to be slower than summer and fish don’t seem to be spread out rather gathered in distinct pockets. Interesting that the pockets are not necessarily where I might have guessed. I suppose that is part of always learning.

On the guiding piece this is my busiest April ever. I am guessing in part because of the warm dry weather. Including a few families this is the earliest I have ever had the kids sized life vests in use. Everyone is thinking about getting out on the water just like I am. After a year of isolating, I also sense that folks are just ready to get outside.


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