As you might imagine I am in a lot of pictures with fish. Either trying to get out of the way of a happy client with a fish or me holding it for them both of us with big smiles. I usually tell them to pretend that they are having a good time.

Unusual is an image of me performing the tasks that make up a day of guiding. No not pictures of tying knots or guessing the water depth or even glancing at the sky to make sure we are safe for the next half hour or so. This one is different here I am working; we just landed a nice striper, look carefully and you can see the water still dripping from the fish in the net. I am getting ready to get control of the fish for a quick hook removal followed by the above-mentioned fish pic with big smiles all around.

It is easy to imagine that guiding is something different than it really is and this is a little glimpse of the real work. Admittedly more fun work than say washing the boat or putting new line on reels but still work

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