2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Our weather normally changes Thanksgiving week, and this year was no different. Much cooler and after Friday night about four inches of snow on the ground. I have the heated water buckets in the kennels for the dogs and they are now in the office at night. Winter has arrived in this part of Maine with white and clear blue skies.

As we slide into the holiday season, I thought that I might be helpful by providing information on some things that I think would make good gifts.

First of course are Maine Outdoors Trip Gift Certificates good for any half or full day trip. An extra value this year Maine Outdoors will honor certificates purchased before the anticipated price increase in 2022 at the current rate.


Gift Certificate for any Half-day Trip

Gift Certificate for any Half-day Trip


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We have the Maine Outdoors Natural Canvas Hats

Natural Canvas Hat

Natural Canvas Hat


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and Maine Outdoors Water Bottles


Maine Outdoors Water Bottle

Maine Outdoors Water Bottle


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Now to the items that I use daily that you might find will delight someone on your list.

Clear Zinc Oxide Sunscreen available from a number of vendors. I wear it every day in the summer and it really does make a huge difference. Nice stocking stuffer.

I tell all new anglers that a pair of Needle Nosed Pliers for fishing are incredibly useful. Removing hooks from fish, cutting the tag end of a knot or squeezing a little extra weight onto a line; this is a simple tool that makes all of that easier. No need to buy the fancy ones (like I have) a couple of additions that I find useful are a holster to keep them handy on my belt and a leash so when I drop them they do not go far, or overboard.

In the pricier category there are these items I wear every day.

Long ago another guide recommended Jackson Stretch Quick-Dry Pants to me. I gave them a try and love them all summer along with the Orvis Long-Sleeved Open Air Caster shirts (I buy tall for the length to tuck in). Both are cool and flexible not restricting movement and comfortable.

I love my Orvis Men's PRO Insulated Hoodie warm light and surprisingly comfortable. I have it as both a jacket and a vest. Nice stuff when it is cold.

Finally I can’t say enough about my Grundens Raincoat. Always dry no matter the weather. Dependable is all that you can really ask out of rainwear in my mind.


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