Grouse and Woodcock Hunting

Upland bird hunts are offered over trained pointing and flushing dogs in Mid Coast Maine and in northern Maine at Libby Camps in T8 R9 north of Baxter state Park. Upland bird hunts are for ruffed grouse and woodcock.

Copper taken by Chris Mathan of the Sportsman's CabinetThese birds are truly wild that are not pen raised. Mid coast hunts take place on a variety of old farms and apple orchards. Northern Maine hunts are in the remote forestland. In both locations the birds live in beautiful Maine habitat that is highlighted by the fall foliage. Grouse season runs from October 1 through the end of December; Woodcock are in season during the month of October. Upland hunts start at 8 AM and end in the late afternoon; price for 1 or two hunters $500 per day, including lunch.

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While I was at Libby Camps last fall they had a videographer working on clips about the fall grouse and woodcock hunting. The results are now posted to the Libby Camps web page.

It is a QuickTime video so you will need to have that program installed on your machine and it downloads pretty slowly. But if you watch closely you will see a couple shots of me guiding grouse and woodcock hunters along with a great shot of Mae the pointer looking as happy as a dog could ever be. We both love our work even on a damp cool October morning!

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