Guided Kennebec River Sturgeon Watching

Sturgeon are endangered on the east coast, but both of our species have been making a comeback, thanks in large part to restrictions on fishing (we cannot fish for them) and improved habitat. In late spring/early summer, sturgeon head up our rivers to spawn, then return to the ocean to live their lives, and then return again each year to their birthplaces to spawn again.  Sturgeon have become more common every year in the Kennebec River.  

Sturgeon are truly prehistoric (200 million years old), and look it. Their bodies are covered, not with scales, but with scutes (bony or horny plates, like on turtles or crocodiles). Their skeletons are primarily cartilage, not bones. And if that is not enough please note: Atlantic sturgeon can grow up to 14 feet long, weighing as much as 800 pounds! 

While in the rivers sturgeon occasionally jump clear of the water coming into full view. Scientists aren’t sure why they jump. The theory I like best – they are using the loud splashes to communicate to other sturgeon.  

Take a two hour trip from the Gardner Public Landing to see these jumping giants. Don Kleiner of Maine Outdoors will be your guide on trip upriver in a 20 foot Lund Alaskan.  

Trips are two hours long limited to 4 on each. Only four trips available Saturday June 15, 2024

What's Included

Maine Outdoors will supply everything you’ll need for your fishing or nature exploration trip including:

Boat and Guide

Fishing rods, lures, and bait


Rain Jackets (if needed)

Fishing licenses


What You’ll Need to Bring

Your jacket in case the weather turns cool

Your smile

Your credit card


For full day trips, Don will include lunch at a quiet shoreside setting.


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